Virginia Trugilho Uzuke CEO

Connecting You To The Future

Hello, I am Virginia Trugilho, CEO & Founder of Uzuke. I design custom solutions for media outlets, governments, businesses, and individuals who want to effectively communicate with Africa and its diaspora.

Why Africa? Why Now?

Africa is on the rise. Home to the AfCFTA, the world's largest free trade area with 54 nations, the continent also boasts a thriving startup ecosystem and mega infrastructure projects. It has experienced consistent economic growth in recent years, making it the second-fastest-growing region in the world, following only Asia.

Africa is the continent of the future.

The african population is projected to make up 25% of the world by 2050, and its impact can already be felt. Young african creatives are redefining today what the world of tomorrow will look like. Their influence can be seen in the global rise in popularity of the continent's music, arts, films, and fashion.

The future is now.